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Free shipping on all orders in USA

Zendure Satellite Battery B6400

by Zendure
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$4,999.00 - $4,999.00
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Zendure Satellite Battery B6400

*Claim an extra 30% Federal Tax Credit when buying this battery here (contact our support team if you need help claiming additional 30% tax credit when buying this product)

Product Overview

Expandable Capacity: Double Your Power Easily increase your off-grid power with our expandable satellite battery. Simply connect it to a Superbase V to double your total capacity to 12.8 kWh/9.2 kWh. Need even more power? Add up to 4 batteries to get a whopping 32 kWh/23 kWh!

Effortless Plug-and-Play Installation: Our satellite battery is designed to be plug-and-play. Simply stack it on top of a Superbase V and it's ready to go. You can even add more batteries to the system with the included cable, giving you the flexibility to expand your power as needed.

Versatile Charging Options: Charge your on-road essentials with ease thanks to our satellite battery's 3 different outlets. Featuring an Anderson, 12V/10A cigarette lighter, and XT90, you'll have plenty of options to keep your devices powered and ready to go.

Compatible with Solar Panels: Harness the power of the sun and connect your solar panel directly to our satellite battery for a maximum input of 600W. With solar panel compatibility, you'll have a reliable and sustainable source of power for all your off-grid adventures.


  •  Model: ZDSATB6400 / ZDSATB4600
  •  Capacity:6,438Wh / 4,608Wh
  •  Size:69 x 28.5 x 27.4cm
  •  Battery type: Semi-solid State / LiFePO4
  •  Color: Gray
  •  DC Input:XT90 Input: 12-150V⎓10A, 600W Max
  •  Output:
    1x Car Outlet : 12.6V⎓10A
    1x Andersen: 12.6V⎓30A, 378W
    MaxXT90: 12-60V⎓10A, 600W Max (App enabled)
  •  Weight: 101lbs (46kg) / 98.7lbs (44.8kg)
  •  LED light:RGB; Lighting
  •  In The Box: Handle Cover, MC4 to XT90 cable
  •  More: Smart APP compatible


Warranty Period

The warranty period is up to 3 years starts on the date of the item is purchased from or an authorized retailer.

Zendure also provides other special warranty period, please review your product's documentation for information about the duration of warranty protection.

  • SuperBaseV/Satellite Battery/Smart Home Panel: 3 Years(Base Warranty) + 2 Years Warranty Extension*
  • 400W Solar Panel/320W Solar Panel/Mobile EV Charger/All SuperBase V relative accessories: 3 Years Warranty
  • SuperBasePro: 2 Years(Base Warranty) + 1 Year Warranty Extension*
  • 200W Solar Panel/Dustproof Bag/All SuperBase Pro and SuperBase M relative accessories: 2 Years Warranty
  • Rest of Products: 2 Years Warranty
  1. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, theft, or confiscation of your Zendure products.
  2. The warranty will be invalidated if the product has not been used in accordance with the product documentation, or attempted repair by anyone other than an authorized facility.
  3. Warranty service may not be carried out if above information is not available
  4. This limited warranty does not apply to any battery cell or product containing a battery cell unless the battery cell has been fully charged by you within seven (7) days after your purchase of the product and at least once every 6 months there after thereafter.
  5. Your warranty is non-transferable.


The Zendure Care Team will make a final determination regarding warranty service.