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Free shipping on all orders in USA

Schneider 4K Off-Grid Inverter | Conext SW4048

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Schneider 4K Off-Grid Conext SW4048 - 4kW 48VDC Inverter 120/240VAC

Conext SW is a pure sine wave, inverter/charger system with switchable 50/60 Hz functionality. Unit features split-phase input and output without the need for an external transformer. Available DC and AC switchgear panels, display control panel, remote monitoring and automated generator control modules present even more value. 


  • High reliability design proven through extreme testing under the harhsest conditions.

  • Leading performance in surge capability and charging efficiency
  • Advanced energy optimization configurable features with the ability to cover a wide variety of applications
  • Simple to install, maintain and operate. Configures quickly into compact wall mounted system

  • Companion switchgear integrates inverter with battery bank and solar charge controllers

  • Plug and play monitoring and control based on Xanbus network

  • Cost effective residential and community system

Additional Information

Rated Power: 3800W

Battery Voltage: 68VDC

Max Charging Current: 45A

Max MPPT Operating Voltage: 64VDC

Rated AC Power: 120/240V

Spec Sheet:  



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