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Fortress Power - 48v Envy Inverter 12kW

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Fortress Power - Envy Inverter 12 kW

The Fortress Power Envy True 12 – a whole-home, all-in-one 12kW inverter solution. Paired with the Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 kWh, the eVault MAX 18.5 kWh or LFP-10 MAX batteries, the Envy features a 200A AC passthrough providing up to 12kW (50A @ 240V) of whole-home backup power. The Envy features a built-in generator input with AC/DC coupling, on- and off-grid capabilities, plus a 3 MPPT output allowing for a maximum of 21 kW PV  array. The Envy is equipped with a built-in APsmart Module Level Rapid Shutdown Transmitter and Button, along with Pre-built AC & DC breakers allowing for fast installation and commissioning. Use our online monitoring app to access  your system from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • 200A AC Passthrough Current For Whole Home Backup
  • 3 MPPT Output For Max. 21 KW PV Array
  • AC, DC And AC/DC Combined Coupling
  • IP65 Rated For Indoor & Outdoor Installation
  • Built-In Generator Input
  • 10 Units In Parallel
  • Local And Remote Monitoring/App
  • Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Batch Settings

Supported Applications:

  • Backup
  • Off-Grid
  • Zero Export
  • Time-Of-Use
  • Peak Shaving
  • Demand Response Integration (Coming Soon)

Whole-Home Backup / AC Passthrough One-Line Diagram

Fortress Power Envy True 12 One Line Diagram


    Input DC (PV Side)
    Max. DC Input Power for Single MPPT 12000W/7000W/7000W 1 x 12kW, 2 x 7kW
    Max. PV Input Power 21000W
    Max. PV Power Delivered to Battery & AC Outputs 18000W
    DC Input Voltage Range 100V-600V
    Nominal DC Input Voltage 360V
    Full Power MPPT Voltage Range 230V-500V
    Max. DC Input Current 25A/15A/15A
    MPPT Number/(Strings per MPPT) 3(2/1/1)
    Output/Input AC (Grid)
    Continuous AC Power to Grid 12000W (240V)
    Continuous AC Power to Load with Grid or Generator 48000W (240V)
    Nominal Output Voltage 120V/240V
    Max. Continuous AC Current 50A @ 240V
    Nominal AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output AC (Off-Grid)
    Max. Output Power 12000W (240V)
    Nominal Output Voltage 120V/240V
    Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz/60hZ
    Nominal Output Current 50A @ 240V
    Peak Power 14kW 10 minutes / 16kW 5 minutes / 20kW 500ms
    Switching Time Seamless
    Battery Parameters
    Compatible Battery Type eVault Max, eFlex, LFP-10 MAX
    Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
    Battery Voltage Range 48V-56V
    Maximum Charging/Discharging Current 250A
    Maximum Charging/Discharging Power 12000W
    MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
    Max. Efficiency 97.5%
    CEC Efficiency 96.5%
    Anti-islanding Protection YES
    DC Switch YES
    Ingress Protect Degree NEMA 4X, IP65
    SPD Protection YES
    RSD Built-in APsmart Transmitter
    General Data
    Dimensions 31.1 x 20.5 x 10.4 in (790 x 520 x 264 mm)
    Weight 127 lbs (58 kg)
    Display Color LCD
    Ambient Temperature Range -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
    Cooling FAN
    Communication RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN
    Standard & Certification
    Certifications UL1741, UL1741SB, IEEE1547A, Rule 21, ISO-NE, FCC15 class B, HECO, CEC, Luma
    Warranty 10 Years / Lead Acid or Fortress Lithium Batteries Only



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