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Big Battery 2X CONDOR ELITE 3 KIT - LiFePO4 - 462Ah - 23.6kWh - 48V

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Big Battery 2X CONDOR ELITE 3 KIT - LiFePO4 - 462Ah - 23.6kWh - 48V

ELITE POWER UPGRADED! BigBattery’s re-engineered 48V 11.8 kWh Condor Elite 2 is here and built to provide even more efficient power and reliability for any solar, off-grid, or emergency power system.

The Condor Elite 2 is the ultimate residential or commercial power storage solution equipped with our advanced BMS and proprietary Triple Safety Redundancy System, so you never have to worry about the safety or reliability of your power. Plus, an LED Smart Display is built into the front of the unit so you can continuously monitor your battery’s status and performance, including metrics such as voltage, amperage, temperature, cycle count, cell voltages, and more. With the ability to connect up to 8 additional Condor Elites in parallel, you can set yourself up with a massive 94.4 kWh power system or store one away for emergency power should you ever need it!

Condor Battery -

The Condor Elite 2 is a 48V battery that can provide robust backup for an entire 2-4 bedroom home. As one of today’s most experienced lithium brands, we offer a 10-year warranty on this cost-effective solution which is backed up by our comprehensive coverage throughout that period as well – it doesn’t get much more secure than that!

Included Components:

2 × 48V CONDOR ELITE 3 - LiFePO4 - 231Ah - 11.8kWh

1 × Parallel Busbar

2 × 6AWG 4FT BB175 to Ring Terminal Cable

1 × GROWATT-ShineWiFi-F