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Free shipping on all orders in USA

AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Charger - 9.6 kW Power Output 15 kW Solar Input

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AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Charger - 9.6 kW Power Output 15 kW Solar Input

The AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter is a revolutionary solution that combines solar power and battery backup, giving you complete control over your power. It provides free power and independence from the grid, reducing or eliminating electric bills and offering power during outages. With the ability to program and customize its functions, you can decide how to use your power effectively. Whether it's filling up your batteries, offsetting your power bill, charging your EV car, or powering your house at night, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter gives you autonomy over your power needs. It is efficient, durable, and safe, with a simple setup and a user-friendly app for remote monitoring. By choosing our hybrid inverter, you take back control of your power and ensure the safety and reliability of your energy supply. Live life on your own terms and be free from relying solely on power companies. It's time to embrace true autonomy and revolutionize your power portfolio with the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter.


Feature Details
Listed to Standards UL 1741-SA, CSA 22.2 No.107-01, UL1998, UL1699B
Stackable (Max) 6
Direct 3 String PV Input Yes
IP65 NEMA4X Rating Outdoor Installation
Warranty 10 Years
Customizable DC Input Voltage Various Battery Types (including lithium and lead)
Tech Support Free USA Based
Programmable Voltage Input Range Wide
Generator Input Backup 240VAC
Wide PV Input Voltage Range Yes
Load Sharing Yes
Isolated Emergency Backup Output For Defined Loads
Configurable Charge and Load Times Based on Utility Recommendations
Safety Features Loaded
Display Large 5-inch Color LCD
Communication Protocols RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi, 4G
Efficiency Extremely Efficient
FCC Compliance Part 15 Class B
PV INPUT PIHY9600 9600 WATT (9.6kW)
Max Input Power (kW) 15
Max PV Voltage (V) 660
MPPT Range (V) 80-550
Normal Voltage 360
Startup Voltage 100
Max Input Current (A) 15.5 x 3
Max Short Current (A) 26 x 3
Max Charge/Discharge Power (kW) 11.5 | 10.3
Max Charge/Discharge Current(A) 50
Battery Common Voltage (V) 230
Battery Voltage Range(V) 80- 495
Battery Type Lithium | Lead
Max Continuous Power(kVA) 9.6
Max Continuous Current(A) 40 | 46.5
Nominal Grid Voltage (V) 211 to 264 @ 240 | 183 to 229 @ 208 (not 3 phase, split phase)
Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) 60
Output Power Factor .99 adjustable
Current THD(%) <3
Max Continuous Power(kVA) 9.6
Max Continuous Current(A) 41 | 46.5
Max Peak Currenty (A)(10 min) 47.9 | 49.5
Max Peak Power(kVA)(10 min) 11.5 | 10.3
Nominal AC Voltage L-L(V) 240 | 208 (not 3 phase)
Nominal AC Voltage L-N(V) 120 | 120
Nominal AC Frequency(Hz) 60
Switching Time(ms) <10
Voltage THD(%) <3
CED Efficiency(%) 97
Max Efficiency(%) 97.6
PV to Battery Efficiency(%) 98.1
Battery between AC Efficiency(%) 96.8
PV Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Over Current/Voltage Protection YES
Anti-Islanding Protection YES
AC Short Circuit Protection YES
Residual Current Detection YES
Ground Fault Monitoring YES
Insulation Resister Detection YES
PV Arc Detection YES
Rapid Shut Down YES
Enclosure Protect Level IP65 | NEMA4X
Cooling Thermal Fan
Relative Humidity 0-100%
Operating Temerature Range -25 to 60C | -77 to 140F
Operating Altitude < 4000 m | <13123 ft without derating
Noise Emission (dB) <40
Stanby Consumption (W) <10
Mounting  Wall Bracket
Communication with RSD SUNSPEC
Display & Communication Interfaces Full Color LED, RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi
Certification & Approvals UL 1741 SA | CSA 2202 No. 107-01 |UL 1998 | Rules21 | HECO Rule 14 | IP65 | CEC
EMC FCC Part 15 Class B
Dimensions: 23 3/4" x 15 3/4" x 9 1/4" 55 lbs