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EG4 PowerPro ESS | 14.3 - 28.6kWh | EG4-18Kpv & EG4-PowerPro WallMount Solar Battery | 9540

by EG4
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EG4 PowerPro ESS | 14.3 - 28.6kWh Capacity | EG4-18Kpv & EG4-PowerPro WallMount Battery | 9540



  • EG4 PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Lithium Battery | 48V 280Ah | 14.3kWh LiFePO4 | All-Weather Energy Storage | UL1973, UL9540A
  • EG4 18KPV Hybrid Inverter | All-In-One Solar Inverter | 18000W PV Input | 12000W Output | 48V 120/240V Split Phase | EG4-18KPV-12LV
  • EG4 PowerPro Conduit Box
  • For 2x Option: EG4 PowerPro Battery Paralleling Cables

Want more Battery Capacity? Simply add additional PowerPro Batteries, Conduit Boxes, and Paralelling Cables

EG4 PowerPro Energy Storage SystemPowerPro ESS Pair up to 5 batteries to one 18kpv. We recommend 3 powerpro batteries to 1 18kpv

Introducing the EG4 PowerPro ESS  - A groundbreaking solution that brings together the capabilities of the EG4 18kPV All-In-One Hybrid Inverter and the EG4 PowerPro 14.3kWh Battery. Thanks to a modular design and integrated conduit box, this uniquely tailored kit seamlessly integrates advanced inverter technology and cutting-edge battery solutions, empowering you to harness, manage, and store solar energy specific to your needs.


Unmatched Performance

  • Over 8000 cycles at 80% depth-of-discharge for a lasting energy solution
  • Harness up to 12,000W continuous output with the EG4 18kPV inverter
  • Closed-loop communication ensures precise energy coordination
  • EG4 PowerPro 14.3kWh Battery delivers uninterrupted power
  • Stack multiple EG4 18kPV units for enhanced power capacity

Enhanced Safety

  • EG4 PowerPro features integrated self-heating for low-temperature resilience
  • Perfect for outdoor applications, built to withstand various weather conditions
  • Innovative total emergency stop function for safety and compliance
  • Benefit from a 10-year warranty provided by EG4 Electronics
  • Dual onboard fire arrestors ensure fail-safe protection

Streamlined Management

  • EG4 18kPV eliminates the need for charge controllers or transformers
  • Enjoy plug-and-play installation for immediate energy access
  • Conduit box helps facilitate future system upgrades easily
  • User-friendly LCD interface for intuitive system monitoring
  • Manage energy from storage and grid simultaneously

Achieve Scalability

When relying on the internal integrated busbars, up to 3 batteries are supported in parallel when connected to a single inverter or 4 batteries in parallel when connected to 2 inverters, or up to 5 batteries in parallel when connected to 3 inverters. See section 7.2 in the PowerPro manual for more information.

Systems with more batteries than these configurations are still possible (Such as the 5:1 configuration pictured above). But, require the use of an external fused positive busbar and an unfused negative busbar rated at a minimum of 200A per battery. Each fuse should be a maximum of 250A. Alternatively, larger systems could rely on the 18kPV’s ability to draw from different battery packs while still paralleling inverters rather than utilizing external busbars.