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AIMS Power Pure Sine Inverter Charger - 12Vdc / 120Vac Input & 120/240Vac Split Phase Output - 4000 Watt

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AIMS Power Pure Sine Inverter Charger - 12Vdc / 120Vac Input & 120/240Vac Split Phase Output - 4000 Watt

Combine this solar inverter charger with a deep-cycle battery bank for off-grid, mobile and emergency backup power.
The most popular feature of this unit is the direct connect terminal block, which allows a 300 percent surge capacity for up to 20 seconds. When using the terminal block, this inverter peaks at 18000 watts with the power to run many tools and appliances with a startup surges, such as a refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and blow dryers.

If you’re looking for an inverter with similar capabilities but a lower wattage capacity, check out the 2000 watt low frequency AIMS Power inverter charger.

Use this product for renewable solar, off-grid home and business back up power, mobile and emergency backup power applications anywhere that uses 110/120 OR 220/230/240 volts of alternating current. The inverter accepts 24 volts DC, which makes it great for vehicle upfitting as well as boat and RV applications that use a 24 volt battery system. The inverter outputs 120/240 volts AC.

The marine-coated or conformal-coated boards also make this inverter great for mobile applications, as it protects the product from dust or water vapor that may be present in the air.

A low frequency label has been given to this inverter because of the lowered level of total harmonic distortion (THD) produced during the DC to AC inversion process. This allows for a cleaner transfer of energy, which increases efficiency, and it also provides a quieter performance.

This inverter will also run powerful tools like most electric chainsaws, portable grinders, shop vacs, and more.

This 6000 watt inverter charger produces a pure sine wave, which some appliances require for use. It can run laser jet printers, computers, televisions, CPAP machines and other medical equipment.

During a big storm that knocks out electricity, a battery-bank and power inverter running a sump pump could be the difference that saves a home from flooding. The power to run a heater could save someone thousands of dollars by keeping plumbing pipes from freezing.

Also great for emergency backup power applications is the automatic transfer switch on this unit, which keeps the power supply uninterrupted in the event of an outage. With the inverter hooked up to shore power, it will detect the loss of electricity and start pulling energy from a connected battery bank instead to keep the power supply constant.

This inverter also has an optional remote port, allowing you to turn the product on and off from a distance. Click here to purchase the remote.

Other popular applications for this inverter include powering lights and other appliances in an off-grid cabin, providing electricity for a mobile business or mobile office, and running camping equipment.


Feature Description
Continuous Power Output 6000 Watts
Surge Power Capability (Peak Power) 18000 Watts (3x surge capability)
Output Voltage 110/220 VAC Split Phase
Battery Priority Selector Yes
Terminal Block Yes
Marine Coated and Protected Yes
Multi Stage Smart Charger 85 Amp charges GEL, Lead, AGM, Lithium
Remote Panel Available Yes
Auto Frequency Yes
Typical Transfer Time 10 msec
Power Save Mode Selectable 25W Power Save Mode (Hibernation)
Battery Charger Settings 8 settings

Inverter Output Specifications:

Feature Description
Continuous Output Power 6000 Watts
Surge Rating 18000 Watts (20 Seconds)
Output Waveform Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)
Nominal Efficiency >88% (Peak)
Line Mode Efficiency >95%
Output Frequency 50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
Typical Transfer Time 10ms (Max)
Total Harmonic Distortion < 10% DC
Ambient Operating Temperature 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)

Input Specifications:

Feature Description
Nominal Input Voltage 24.0Vdc
Low Battery Alarm 21.0Vdc-22.0Vdc
Low Battery Trip 20.0Vdc-21.0Vdc
High Voltage Alarm 32.0Vdc
Low Battery Voltage Restart 26.6Vdc
Idle Consumption 76.8 Watts
Idle Consumption in Power Saver Mode 29 Watts

Charger Specifications:

Feature Description
Output Voltage Depends on battery Type
Charger Rate 85A


Feature Description
Unit Weight 79 lbs.
Unit Size L x W x H 27.88 x 8.5 x 7.0 inches
Shipping Weight 84 lbs.
Shipping L x W x H 30.5 x 14.5 x 13.75 inches



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